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What is Berbere?

You will not get very far in your Ethiopian cooking without this mainstay blend. This we could say is the "Big Daddy" of Ethiopian cuisine. With a deep red paprika colour,...

I Hate Cooking Will I Be Single For The Rest of My Life?

Yesterday was a holiday, which means there is food, a whole lot of food. Which has to be cooked, obviously. And like every other holiday the issue of cooking...

The Ethiopian Banana That Flourishes in Drought and Heat

At first glance, Ensete ventricosum may look like a banana plant, with huge green fronds and a towering, thick brown pseudostem. But if you peel these orange, banana-cousin fruits,...

Facefood – the Facebook of the Restaurant World

Facefood is a new eatery in town with the “look and feel” of Facebook. Except at Facefood, unlike its online muse, there is a waiter that takes your order,...

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Kebour Ghenna

Ethnic Identity and National Loyalty – Conflicting Direction

In Ethiopia, people are no more afraid to talk. To be precise, they do talk inside their homes and cars, or in the backrooms...
Akon in Ethiopia to mark 122nd anniversary of Battle of Adwa

Akon in Ethiopia to mark 122nd anniversary of Battle of Adwa

Senegalese-born – United States pop star, Akon, is in Ethiopia as part of events to celebrate the infamous Battle of Adwa which happened 122...
Hailu Mergia at home: ‘The Lady Is a Tramp – I love that one! My favourite is old jazz.’ Photograph: Sait Serkan Gurbuz for the Guardian

Hailu Mergia: the Ethiopian jazz legend who jams in his taxi

He fled his native country with his group, the Walias Band, in 1981 and now drives a cab in Washington DC, in which he...